How Costly Are Clinical Skin Treatments & Are There Effective Alternatives

Clinical Skin Treatments

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery is an important decision a person has to make. It will involve a lot of aspect in a person’s life which include physical, mental, emotional and financial capabilities. The topmost priority is to find the best doctor that can deliver and meet your needs.


Cosmetic surgery is known to be costly. The procedural costs in national averages below is courtesy of The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS):


  • Buttock Augmentation $4,329
  • Buttock Lift $4,385
  • Liposuction $2,815
  • Lower Body Lift $6,840
  • Spider Vein Treatment – Laser $355
  • Spider Vein Treatment – Sclerotherapy $326
  • Thigh lift $4,872
  • Tummy Tuck $5,391
  • Upper Arm Lift $3,876
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation $2,286


  • Breast Augmentation – Saline Implants $3,268
  • Breast Augmentation – Silicone Gel Implants $3,618
  • Breast Lift $4,174
  • Breast Reduction (women) $5,146
  • Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) $3,310

Head & Face

  • Brow Lift $3,092
  • Chin Augmentation $2,244
  • Ear Surgery $2,885
  • Eyelid Surgery $2,726
  • Facelift $6,675
  • Lip Enhancement (other than injectable materials) $1,486
  • Nose Surgery $4,352


  • Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox, Dysport) $392
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite (Radiance) $635
  • Fat Transfer $1,875
  • Hyaluronic Acid (including Juvederm, Perlane/Restylane, Belotero, Prevelle, Elevess) $552
  • Poly-L-Latic Acid (Sculptra) $862

Skin & Hair

  • Cellulite Treatment (including Cellulaze, Cabochon, Smoothshapes, etc) $2,350
  • Chemical Peel $542
  • Dermabrasion $1,412
  • IPL / Photorejuvenation $381
  • Laser Hair Removal $265
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing – Ablative $2,176
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing – Nonablative $1,357
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing – Fractional $1,077
  • Microdermabrasion $122
  • Nonsurgical Skin Tightening $1,724
  • Tattoo Removal $588

There can be additional costs depending on the procedure. Some treatments may need expenses for anesthesia, operating room, and other related expenses. It is best to talk with your surgeon about the details of the procedure and the scope of expenses. For other skin treatment procedures, read more here.

Effective Alternatives

If you are looking for other ways to get a younger looking skin, there are great and effective alternatives which are fraction of the cost of a cosmetic surgery. Here are some effective ways you can do and use to fight the signs of aging.

Retinoid Cream

Applying anti-aging creams will help in promoting the skin’s collagen production and softening the lines on the forehead and around the eyes. There are prescription formulas available which can reveal improvements within two to three months of use, while over-the-counter retinoids are also available which can smoothen the lines.

Cost: Starting from $46.00 for a 20-gram tube of a generic tretinoin

Skin Needling

In using a needle-covered device to roll over the face, this procedure will create temporary and tiny pricks which triggers the healing response of the skin resulting in a smoother complexion. Skin needling promotes the natural collagen production and improves the penetration of anti-aging products use afterward.

Cost: Starting from $20.00 and up depending on the brand


Adding antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium to your daily supplements can decrease the effect of UV rays and prevent further damage. These type of supplements can reduce the signs of aging such as photo damage and wrinkles, and it can also improve the skin texture.

Cost: Starting from $6.00 for a Vitamin C, 500mg, with 250 tablets

Indeed, there are many treatments whether cosmetic or natural a person can choose from. The first thing a person can do is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Start eating nutritious food and exercise regularly.

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